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Indy Star Bids Fond Farewell to Santorini Greek Kitchen

In an article titled, "Fountain Square's Santorini Greek Kitchen is closing," the Indianapolis Star bids a fond farewell to the popular restaurant which will live on as Santorini Greek Kitchen Catering by Chef Taki Sawi. "As long as there's a breath in his body, his food will be available," said Jeanette Sawi, Taki's wife and co-owner of the restaurant. The catering company will be located at the couple's Biltwell Event Center.


Santorini Greek Kitchen Closing - Moving to Catering

We would love to continue forever.

We would love to have the energy we had in our 30s. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we are choosing to close Santorini Greek Kitchen on March 31, 2018. We want to end the way we started, with good intentions and high quality. It is truly difficult for us to foresee a future without Santorini Greek kitchen in our lives. However, due to health changes, we must. As some of you are very aware, in October, we attempted to make some changes. We soon came to the conclusion, we were wrong. We came back home to the restaurant. We were happy to do that.

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Jeanette and Taki are Back!

We are back and making your favorite foods and holiday memories!

Christmas Eve Buffet

First things, first, even though Christmas Evening happens to be on a Sunday this year, my present to you is... we will be open from 4-8pm for our annual Christmas Eve Buffet! It will have a selection of all of our favorites. Adults are $25, children 6-12 are $12.50, and children 5 and younger are our guests. Let us help with this part, so you can sit back and enjoy.

Catering Options

Whether you need a side dish for a pitch-in or need us to provide everything from appetizers to dessert, we are here to help. We can provide something small, like galaktabouriko or baklava, to all of the appetizers and entrees. By the way, we do a wonderful gyro bar.

Call me at 317-917-1117 for more information. Ask for Jeanette. Let's get this party started!

Winter Warmth Dinner

I am trying to reschedule the Wine Dinner for January. I know, you will just be getting credit card bills in the mail...but I can think of no better reason to come out a enjoy some great wines and great Greek food. I am looking at a Tuesday or Wednesday evening... Watch our FB page for more information.

Holiday Parties

WNot only do we have the space, we have the desire to help, when you throw your Holiday Party. We have a seperate room for some privacy, but we also have parties downstairs in the restaurant, so you don't miss out on any of the "personality" of the atmosphere. First come, first served on this opportunity!


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